Magari means if only it were true!, an expression used often in Italian to express desire, hope, and a vision of a bright future. The 2016 is a fulfilling vintage. Embracing, structured, voluptuous, and lively.The 2016 winter and springtime have been both marked by abundant and frequent rainfalls, thus creating the ideal water reserves for the growing season. The 2016 summer turned out to be particularly dry. However, thanks to the rainy spring and the accurate mulching the vines did not suffer the drought. Strong diurnal temperature exchanges during the ripening period, with picks of 12-15 °C, allowed a slow and even maturation of the grapes. Due to the peculiar dryness of the season, the diseases pressure in the vineyard has been minimal, allowing the harvest of extremely healthy grapes. The harvest begun on September 10 with Cabernet Franc and ended with Cabernet Sauvignon on September 30. Magari’s international and widely appealing grape varietals offer a fresh approach to Italian wines and a lushness that is attractive to a broader wine drinker.

Appellation: Bolgheri DOP

Vineyards: In Bolgheri, both on dark soil rich in lime and clay, and white soil full of limestone, clay and stones.

Soil: The vineyard blocks that make up this blend are further away from the nearby sea, closer to the fertile hillside. The loamy, clay-rich soils here are known as terre brune meaning dark brown earth, ideal for the cultivation of wines with richness, depth and minerality and notes of goudron and tar.

Grapes: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot

Tasting notes: Bright and deep color. The 2016 Magari shows a complex character without being brash. The nose is rich and concentrated, it starts fresh to then develop balsamic notes, and scents of graphite, juniper and liquorice. Then it turns into a more mellow character with dark fruit and rhubarb. The palate is sweet and voluminous, with notes of mulberry and sour cherry. Fine-grained, silky tannins. Long-lasting, sapid final.

Fermentation:  Separate fermentation for the three varieties, of around 15 days

Aging:   After 12 months of ageing in oak, they are blended and then aged for several months in the bottle before release.

First Vintage Produced:   2000