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The soil types of the CA’ MARCANDA estate can be divided into two basic categories: 1) the terre brune, the brown soils that lie at the bottom of the foothills, rich with lime, iron, and clay and some sandy content; and 2) the terre bianche, the coveted white soils, rich with calcareous clay and formed by white stones (like that above).

Note how the terre brune (in the photo above) change in color to terre bianche just a few rows over (in the photo below).

The wines produced by Ca’ Marcanda are based on these two distinct soil types.

Promis and Magari are sourced from vineyards lying in the terre brune, where the mineral content makes for wines with more pronounced tannic structure and character.

Camarcanda, the winery’s flagship wine, is made using fruit cultivated in Bolgheri’s coveted terre bianche with their high composition of calcareous clay, ideal for crafting wines intended for long-term aging.