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Vistamare 2014 Tasting Notes Released

The 2014 vintage produced a small crop due to the challenge of the very cool and rainy year. However, it has been a pleasing vintage expressing intense and mineral wines.


Climate and harvest

The 2014 vintage was marked by a mild winter, a cool and rainy spring and a moderately warm and quite rainy summer, especially in July when we counted 20 separate rainfalls. The temperatures were far below the annual average, never exceeding 29°C. The winds, typical and constant in the Bolgheri region, were less evident than usual. Instead of the cool and dry northerly Tramontana wind, the warm and southerly Scirocco made its sporadic appearance throughout the whole September. To ensure healthy and evenly ripe grapes we thinned the heaviest leaves in our vineyards. We also had to go through the toughest grape selection which lead us to a 40% reduction in the overall production. The harvest was also late: it begun on September 15 with the Viognier and ended on October 4 with the Vermentino. 

Tasting notes

Fresh and floral bouquet of elderflower, acacia flower and lily, with a balsamic hint of white musk and anise. The palate is open and rich in stone fruit—like white peach and fresh apricot—with light notes of passion fruit and lychee. The pleasant acidity hints to the cool weather trend of this vintage and supports the drinkability. The high mineral content, which leads to an almost salty end, reminds us of the vineyard’s proximity to the sea.


Lying on a hillside overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast, the Vistamare vineyards benefit from the great luminosity and the heady marine breeze.

Grape varieties

60% Vermentino, 40% Viognier

Winemaking method

The two varieties ferment separately, Vermentino in steel vats and Viognier in wood. Then, Vermentino ages for 6 months in steel while Viognier in oak, and finally they are blended.

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